Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 Hey everyone, So I am soooooo excited to have these. They are on sale for 2 dollars right now. I believe there is only 4 or 5 colors left so hurry. You can always get them off of ebay if you can't find them on the website though. So here we go I got 8 colors. I think these are amazing cream shadows. I personally wear them all by themselves without a shadow over them. I have to wear Urban Decay primer potion underneath to prevent creasing on my oily lids. So check out these swatches of each one on my eye. If you have any questions I will try to help. 

                                                  So this is Rehab. I nice brown taupe color.

This is Grass. It is a very vibrant dark green.

                                            This Is Midnight Rodeo. A nice champagne.

                              This is delinquent and It is an extremely pigmented dark purple.

This is mushroom. Just a nice gray color. My least favorite because it is so basic. 

This is Sphynx my personal FAVORITE. It is a nice light pink. Made my eyes look so blue. 

This is suburbia and it is a golden brown.

                                        Lastly but not least is whipped. This is gold champagne color. It is like midnight rodeo but this has gold flecks where Midnight Rodeo has Pink flecks.  

So My conclusion of these cream shadows is I think these are AMAZING. Like if I had to choose right now my naked palette (Which is new to me only tried it out a few times) or these I would hands down choose these. I mean I think these are creamy, pigmented, and so easy to apply. I would buy these over and over again. These are my HG top pick, hands down eye shadow type product I have ever tried. I can't rave enough. So check the sale or ebay out and let me know what yall think. 

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