Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Swatches/Review of Nyx Round Lipsticks

Hey guys so I am about to upload a video soon reviewing these lipsticks but I wanted to go ahead and put up the swatches while I had time. I got these off of Ebay. I got 12 lipsticks for 20 dollars. Which is the price you would normally pay for 4 lipsticks.These are great and I got them for such an awesome amazing deal so be sure to check that out.

Below is a swatch of all 12 that I have. From left the right the colors are Louisiana, Fig, Power, Tea rose, Harmonica, Indian pink, Doll, Strawberry Milk, Circe, Paris, Thaila, and Narcissus.

                                  Below is the close up of the Louisiana, Fig, Power, and Tea Rose.

                        Below Is the close up picture of Harmonica, Indian Pink, Doll, and Strawberry Milk.

The next four are the colors Circe, Paris, Thalia, and Narcissus

Hope you guys liked my swatches. Sorry so sloppy but its my first try at it lol. Any questions just let me know.

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