Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog about our top 5 CBV candles

So me and my mom decided to do our top 5 Cbv candles. We love this company so much. They are a family owned company and their motto is hand poured with love and we couldn't agree more.
So moms top 5 is strawberry danish, white chocolate karibu, caramelized pralines, fruit loops, and bathtime with pooh. Below is a picture of my favorite in Caramelized pralines.

My favorite is caramelized pralines being number one. Number two is my lemon gingersnap pie. Ow man if you havent smelled these 2 please do. Then there's white chocolate karibu. My fourth favorite is raspberry banana guava. Lastly but not least is nutty candied apple. So please comment below and let me know yours!!!

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